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I was first introduced to anime in high school, and have found it an intriguing cultural phenomenon ever since. Although I sometimes get taken in by a particularly well-told story, I try to take a removed, objective view of anime. On the one hand, I am always wary of the messages that it sends the audience. On the other hand, I have organized anime clubs where it provides a segue into discussion of world events, fosters appreciation for foreign cultures, and engenders student awareness of media techniques and aesthetics. Moreover, a well-operated anime club provides a safe social space.

In this space I hope to foster awareness of anime for both students and parents alike

[To be Written]What is Anime? (How is it different from cartoons? What are the major sub-genres? Why does it look so weird?)

What is Anime Culture? I made this slide show to present to some of Menlo's Japanese classes to talk about some of the basics of anime culture, tracing some of its history, its entry to the US, what counts as "anime", and some questions for the future. The Slideshare page allows you to click through, but it's missing the animations, particularly the one where I show multiple incarnations of DeathNote, so you can also download and view if interested.

[To be Written] Watching Anime (What to watch for. Facts and questions that enhance the anime-watching experience.)

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